Quaran-ties: Extra Purple Haze

If you’re gonna be home more, better make sure you’re ready for when it’s time to get out and fish this summer!

Here’s my shiny take on a classic pattern, the purple haze. Only real difference is wrapping the body in purple flash and swap the calf hair parachute for a foam one. Floats like a cork and shiny as it gets.

Purple thread body, flash tail and a flash wrapped body
Add a foam parachute to the fly, I like to leave it long and trim it at the end, makes for easier hackle wraps
More sparkly purple dubbing to flesh out the body around the parachute
I like to start my hackle wraps top to bottom, but it’s really dealers choice in this one. Also add a drop of head cement to the parachute post before wrapping hackle, added durability!
3-5 wraps usually finishes out the hackle and it’s time to whip finish
Who can resist a flashy underside
Finished up (just need to trim the post a hair so it’s less likely to spin as much on the cast)
In black for those late evening reflective water scenarios (again still need some post trimmed down)

And that’s that! If they don’t rise for this they ain’t rising. You’ll be all ready for summer before you know it with all this down time on your hands!

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