Bluebird day, no further explanation needed. If you say you had a bluebird day on the mountain, that sums it up. It can’t get any better. This March delivered one final gem to an all around good ski season.

Blue skies and untracked lines

Marches of the last few years have been a disappointment in the precipitation department. They are generally my areas wettest month, but as of late they have been under the long-term average. This year we are finally seeing a return to average and it makes me remember why March is so mighty. A series of low pressure systems dipping into the southwest have had us in the snow track for the past few weekends and a 16″ plus snowfall in the high country couldn’t be ignored.

With the knowledge that Colorado had closed all it’s resorts and with the impending closing of our mountain lurking around the corner, this was our chance. It appears that a lack of snow will not be this seasons downfall, but instead a virus is what will put easy access to the backcountry to bed for the year.

Fresh snow and unlimited possibility

Lift access isn’t necessary for getting into our backcountry but boy is it helpful! Besides knocking off around 1500 vertical feet of lift assistance the road closing adds another 5 miles minimum to the ‘easiest’ access to the skiing. If this was gonna be the last relatively easy day, might as well make the full use of it!

All downhill from here, the way out is all the way in the top left corner of this shot with the painted desert in the far distance
First run

The snow was glorious, a little heavy but very bouncy. The type of snow you can put some big turns in on and know you’re gonna hold your edge. The snow couldn’t be any more perfect.

Dicey starts on the 2nd run
Sunshine sunshine
Go up to get down

Soft fun snow on the way down and easy skin tracks up, can’t be beat!

View from the first turn on number 4
Mellow chute to fun turns
Pretty much unlimited potential, maybe next year

For living in the desert the skiing isn’t so bad..

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