My vision for this blog is to track where I have been and what I have been up to. I hope it is entertaining to read and hopefully not too poorly written, however I am an engineer by trade so you’ll have cut me some slack. Also I will try to get the best photos I can but the phone camera does have its limitations. This page will be focused on all things fly fishing, but more and more a few of my other hobbies may sneak their way in. Bird hunting is slowly becoming a bigger part of my life and my misadventures trying to find upland birds with my dog Sage will work their way in more and more as time goes on. Every once in a while backcountry skiing or mountain biking may make an appearance but hey are fewer and further between. The majority of my adventures are focused in the northern Arizona area around my hometown of Flagstaff, AZ. I try my best to try and explore every blue line I can (few though they may be) in the area around me.

Lees Ferry Rainbow
Winter time rainbow from Lees Ferry

This blog will hopefully be featuring instructions on some of my favorite patterns I have been messing around with for my local waters. If you have any interest at all in any of my patterns please send me an message or find me on Instagram and send me a message (@928flyties). Also if you just want to talk fishing or fly tying I always jump at the opportunity to do that so please leave me some comments!

Weminuche rainbow
Sage and a Gambel’s Quail
Fishing commute AZ style