Quaran-ties: Pike Special

Ahh pike fishing… Or should I say tying, casting, getting stuck on weeds and rocks. Catching certainly isn’t the first word that comes to mind with northern AZ pike. But the process sure is a whole bunch of fun!

While trying to catch a pike is a challenge, tying up flies for them is one of my favorite times of the year. Big hooks, flashy and bright materials, crazy eyes and everything fun about fly tying. Plus the time of year is perfect, spring is starting to show its head but there are a few snows yet to fall. All and all a perfect time to sit down at the vice, have a beer or three and tie up some absurd looking bugs that pike seem to love. I don’t have a name for this particular fly, I’m sure there are many similar to it out there. I just call it the pike special and you can call it what you will!

I like to use a nice wide gap hook, approximately size 2-8
Add barbell eyes to the top of the hook and secure with more wraps than you think necessary and cover in head cement, pike have wicked sharp teeth
Attach zonker strip with enough left over to make it to the back of the eyes and a tail approximately as long as the hook
Add dubbing underneath the zonker strip, I like red along the body for pike
Secure zonker strip behind the eyes and add 3-6 strips of red flash to about the length of the tail
Add zonker strip #2 in front of the barbell eyes and tie in at the hook eye
Wrap once behind the eyes and one and a half times in front of the eyes. Secure firmly with multiple thread wraps and whip finishes
Make sure thread wraps are cleared of other materials (I use a hair clip) and cover with head cement or UV epoxy (this is epoxy)
Finished product! Ready to find some Pike (hopefully)

This chartreuse, yellow and red color scheme is one of my favorites. It is bright as anything and the hair pushes water well. The eyes on top of the hook weight the fly so it will ride hook up and minimize hangups on the bottom and weeds. I’m not sure why the pike like this neon scheme so much but it does seem to get their attention. Who am I to argue with what the pike like!?

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