Every Other Cast

Somedays are good days fishing. Somedays are slow days on the water. Then there are days where it all works out. This was one of those days. Big dry flies, small creeks and brown trout looking up. It is not a day I’ll soon forget.

The drive in was filled with smoke from a managed fire giving an unearthly feel to the early morning. Elk and deer dotted the roadside keeping us awake in the early morning.

Smoky forest views

We got to the creek ahead of the crowds that would surely descend on this pocket of the state in the hours to come. These crowds won’t wield fishing poles but instead will come armed with cameras and binoculars chasing the perfect shot and an escape from the heat. But we got there first. And the fish were up early too.

Big dry, one cast, splash, repeat. The fishing was on, our hooksets caught up as the day went along.

White halos on orange spots
Cicadas were on the menu
As were beetles..

The catch of the day was no doubt Tanner’s bow-and-arrow cast miracle. After crouching/crawling through some trees and underbrush he was able to sneak the fly into the pool. The largest fish in the pool immediately did a 180 and slammed the fly! After wrapping around both logs in the pool we were able to get the fish in the net, the most exciting few moments of the day!

The log wrapping high jumping brown
Dragon fly larvae in the creek were colossal!
Away it goes
The real deal
The imitation, seemed quite effective I might add
Big spots and blue cheeks
We were lucky enough to watch this cicada fall in the water and be gobbled up by a brown shortly after
Eating the deer hair bug!

One of those days you don’t forget and definitely don’t want to end. The type of day that actually is every other cast.

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