Go Low

When summer starts everyone goes high. Valley and mountain temps both climb but the valley rises faster. Along with the rising temps come the rising people. A camper at every turn out. Trucks at every trailhead. Summer in the high country is wonderful and that is part of the problem. Sometimes to get a day on the water to yourself you have to go low. Back to the desert. Out of the mountains. When the crowd goes right, go left. When the hordes migrate out of the valley, head into a valley.

That blind migration unknowingly drives past and over some of the best waters in the state. The reason they drive past? These aren’t trout waters. They are bass and chub waters. You can keep your stocked bows in the crowded lakes. I’ll trade the cool temps and big crowds for solitude and hot fishing any day.

Cicada and a popper, two of my favorite flies in one

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