Here’s a familiar late spring/early summer article title, “A Guide to Wet Wading”. Are we serious? Is this the ground breaking info fly fishing has been missing? What is there to guide? Is it really more complicated than wearing something that you know will get wet and walking into the water? What am I missing? Do people actually have an “Aha!” moment when they read the article? “Oh man I didn’t realize that when I walked in in sandals my feet would get wet!”. Some truly groundbreaking articles put out every spring…

An absolute shocker that Flylords would be one of the groups hammering out these “information pieces”
Professional wet wader wearing the “au naturale” option. Probably needs a new pair of Simms/Redington boots to improve traction, beaver’s system is obviously lacking

After vigorous research and reading I managed to put on a pair of shoes and walk into the river. Did those articles prepare me for the cold water? Should I have practiced stepping into a cold bucket of water to better prepare me? I don’t think so, I probably have to invest in a couple hundred dollar system of wading boots, wading socks and fishing specific shorts and then maybe I’ll be able to fish well..

Water on my camera due to a poor pack/pocket system
Turns out you can just wipe the water off…

Or I could just walk in the water and cast, maybe I will try that first. Despite the risks of not having properly researched how to wet wade and lacking the necessary “system”, I braved the wet and stepped into the river. Turns out it worked out ok.

Worm eating rainbow
Spots on spots
Another spotted rainbow
I’m pretty sure large foam flies are actually required during wet wading, or honestly any time

Ninety degree weather, calm winds and blue skies were the order of the day and it was my best day up at the Ferry in the past two years. Fish were dropping the indicator with regularity and even began breaking the surface around midday. While there were no cicadas to be heard I tied one on as an indicator and was rewarded by one hook up and a few misses. There is nothing finer than red rocks, clear water, foam flies and high jumping rainbows.

Fish of the day

Welp, it turns out that even without following the wet wading play book and running an entirely lacking “system” we were still able to have a banner day out on the river. Many fine fish were had and the sight of a jumping fish makes you forget all about your cold toes.

2 thoughts on “Over-Guided

  1. Hey Jake,
    Totally agree. I was on the Taylor River last September wet wading the tailwater section and I must had 3 guys comment that I was crazy not to have waders on. I really don’t see the necessity of wearing full or even wading pants other than winter or maybe early Spring on most rivers here in the Southwest.

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