Better Luck Next Time

This year’s cow elk hunt didn’t end as planned. I did not finish up early. In fact I didn’t even get an opportunity take a shot. That’s not all bad though. Sure I would much prefer to have taken an elk and had a full freezer to come home to. But hey, seven days in the woods isn’t so bad either.

While I did witness more sunsets and sunrises than I had bargained for, I was able to cover some good country that I hadn’t had a chance to check out before. Areas rich in old artifacts and rabbits (which I will be returning for). I do think finding an old arrow head or pottery shard is good luck, but taking it home is in bad form. Take a picture and put it back where you found it for someone else to enjoy.

Broken stone point
Cool piece of pinch pottery
Many an hour, many a deer, not any day time elk
Old dead head
Stone point number two, was made of a fairly transparent chert/quartz like rock
A little meat for the table, not quite a freezer filler
Black on red Tsegi orange ware
Little deer
One of the sweeping vistas that make western hunting so addicting
Tarantula on the move
Good looking elk shed

A good week in the woods with the knowledge that there is always next year!

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