Jaunt: jônt (noun) a short excursion or journey for pleasure

A short excursion or journey for pleasure describes just about any fishing trip I go on. I’d have it no other way.

I had an order of flies I had been late tying and a friend who was heading up to the ferry for a trip up the river. While not the ideal scenario it was the perfect “excuse” I needed to go spend a morning fishing at one of my favorite bodies of water.

Early sunrise
Painted Desert before dawn

The painted desert in the early morning is a special place. While it does hurt to get up early, it is well worth if for a pretty drive and first dibs on river spots.

First of the day
First light on the riffle
Back to the depths
Unfortunately cicadas ended early this year, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though
Dinner fish, stuffed with lemon slices and covered in lemon pepper and garlic, banked until the skin comes off

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