Anything Worth Doing

Another post from cleaning out my drafts folder. This find had me excited because spring Turkey has got to be one of my favorite hunts and with another lined up for this May it was good to see this blast from the past.

Anything worth doing should be hard. In the digital age of 2 day shipping and entertainment at your finger tips, things seem to come easy. Or if not easy you get what you’re looking for quickly. Turkey hunting has not been one of those things.

This May I had my first turkey hunt, and if the first paragraph wasn’t a hit enough, it ended in no turkeys. Nothing new here, first time fishing, no fish. The unit we were drawn for is the remote North Kaibab. Bounded by high desert and Grand Canyon, this area is a unique, high elevation zone that holds a bounty of deer and turkey (allegedly).

Early morning in the pines

Cool crisp mornings and sunny pleasant afternoons spent in the shade of the pines wasn’t such a bad way to get skunked by the crafty birds. We were able to find a group and played a game of cat and mouse that the turkeys eventually won.

Road seldom driven but a good spot for walking
Winter still hanging in there in the north facing slopes
Spring pool
New leaves on the trees and green green grass

They must have gotten all of their talking in early because we didn’t hear much of anything from them. Other than a poult calling back to us one evening we heard no gobbles from the gobblers. That time must have come and gone and everyone was grouped up. The toms all had their group of ladies and they had no need to make noise any longer I guess.

Signs left behind
High effort trough
Even found the bison, but the turkeys stayed a step ahead of us
Water dog tank
The water dogs would rise like trout to chase bugs in the evenings
“Fool Proof”

One of my favorite parts of hunting is sitting still and watching the world go by. Once you’ve been somewhere long enough, everything goes about it’s day like you were never there. Deer coming in the drink and squirrels busy collecting their winter stores (once again the turkey were conspicuously absent). At the onset it seems like a slow and sometimes boring way to pass the day. But whether it’s through some trance-like state of staring at the same thing or some other reason the hours fly by.

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