Close to Home

So far this spring has done it’s best to ruin my larger fishing plans and just about every plan in general. I guess that’ll teach me to be so confident in my planning. Excess travel seems like an irresponsible decision at the moment so my trips are now limited a little closer to home. To spots where I don’t have to get gas along the way, or stop anywhere other than my destination. Despite not living in a fishing mecca we do have some great little creeks and lakes within an hour of the house.

The less traveled path

Most of these spots take a little extra effort to get to. Especially if you want to avoid seeing another person. Luckily, there are a few of these spots around that are either not well know, or too much effort for others to venture after.

Small water and hungry little wild trout

It was a glorious day. Sunny and crisp, sweatshirt weather to start and shorts and t-shirts once the ‘heat’ of the day came on. The fish were looking to eat, chasing wooly buggers and purple haze with abandon.

Ryan’s favorite, the crappie jig was producing by the 2nd cast of the day

The casts were tricky, branches and logs cover the creek and the bank. If you hit your spot though, it almost always produced a fish. These little guys were eating to get big. Chasing streamers and smacking dries.

Tricky cast
Tricky fight
Tricky net
Beautiful little rainbow
Darker rainbow with orange tipped fins

Arizona’s backcountry trout are always impressive. Removed by multiple generations from any stocking attempts, these hybrids of whatever has been dumped into the creek over the years fascinate me. What crossing of strains and species led to this look? Is there any of the original inhabitants of the creeks DNA left? Whatever it is, it makes for a hardy breed of fish that can withstand this desert state’s creeks.

Fish hiding spots everywhere
Deceivingly deep little pool
Little mearns quail feather wet fly
Riverside refreshments
There were even fish in the tiny tributaries entering the creek
Colorful little fish

It was the first day of hopefully many this year that my wife and I will spend chasing trout in tiny creeks. What a perfect way to start, beautiful wild fish, great weather and a rugged out of the way canyon. A good reminder that even though our world is put on hold, everything around us has kept spinning.

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