Backup Plan

Some days the fish are biting and other days, well we all know about those other days.. Generally this time of year the fishing is lights out. I’m talking show up at 8 and done by 11 cause you’ve had your fill. Today was not that day. In the moment it’s frustrating when you know you are doing everything right, but the fish aren’t hungry. When what has worked every time and will work next time isn’t working now. On the other hand that is what makes fishing so good, its not a given and there are no guarantees.

Icy guides and even icier action

After a slow fishing, icy morning we decided to switch things up. We’d head downstream beneath a major tributary and into the beginning of the canyon. Worst case scenario is that its a fun hike to a beautiful beach along side of a great fishing rapid. Maybe the fish were eating there, but then again who really cares?

Walls beginning to grow

Arizona has got to have some of the most interesting ways to access trout water. This one begins in a dry wash and quickly transforms into a narrow, vertical slot canyon. Hiking along piled up boulders from past floods and bedrock causeways smoothed by those same flows. Even if there was no fishing at all this would be a destination all to its own. But there are fish here, the best of both worlds.

Slot canyon proper
The reward

The fish were biting here and I managed a few small rainbows and hooked and lost a few more. I have a hard time fishing seriously here as I am constantly looking at what’s around me and forgetting to watch my line.

Young’n with par marks still visible
Finely spotted rainbow
Eyes level with the top of the rapid, cool how much fall is created at these side canyons
Lookin’ down on it all

All and all not a bad spot to have around as a backup

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