Tying the Boulder Damsel

The Boulder Damsel is designed to take the game up a notch from the usual woolly bugger at lakes where damsel flies and dragon flies are buzzing around. The fly uses a woven wire body to give it a life like appearance as well as some extra weight. The woven body looks more complicated than it is and is actually pretty fun to tie once you get in the rhythm.


Hook: Size 6-10 streamer hook (I used a sized 8 hook with a slight curve for this example)

Tail: Black Marabou and a strand or two of flash

Wire: Black and green

Body: Black/green dubbing mix

Eyes: Small tungsten dumbbell eyes, silver

Head: Black/green dubbing mix

These are the colors I used for this particular tie, but swap colors for what you think is best at the lake you are heading to.

Attach dumbbell eyes to the hook around a eyelet length back from the eye of the hook.
Tie in approximately 1/2 inches of marabou cut square.
Add flash to the length of marabou and tie in your desired two wire colors.
Put dubbing on your thread and wrap to just behind the eyes.
Begin the wire weave. Start by pulling the wire color you want under the hook (green) across the bottom of the hook.
Bend the bottom (green) wire over the upper wire (black) and pull down
Pull the lower wire (green) across the bottom of the fly and pull the top wire (black) across the top of the fly.
Repeat the above steps until you are just behind the eyes and tie both wires in with your wrapping thread.
Create a loop with your tying thread and add more of the same dubbing as used in the body of the fly.
Spin the loop to create a dubbing brush.
Wrap the dubbing loop in a figure 8 around the eyes and finish with one or two more wraps in front of the eyes. Then tie off the loop and cut away the remainder of your dubbing loop.
Whip finish and cut off your tying thread.
The finishing touch is to color the dumbbell eyes black with a permanent marker and your fly is done!

Use other color combinations depending on the local bug life in your lake and it will improve the pattern!

Copper and red with a brown dubbed body.
I left the eyes silver for a little extra flash on this one.

A fun fly to fish and tie, I hope it brings a few people some luck on their favorite lakes!


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