The Fuzzy Copper John

This is one of my favorite patterns to try if I don’t know what to try. It seems to imitate small stoneflies and mayflies and will even pick up caddis when they are hatching. Also it is easy to make so I don’t feel as bad when I break one off on the bottom or get stuck high in a tree (happens way too often..).


Hook: size 12-18 straight nymph or scud hook

Bead (if used): 2.8mm black or gold head

Thread: 70 Denier to match the body

Tail: Brown goose biot

Body: Bronze wire

Thorax: Peacock hearl

Wing: Arizona Dubbing brown or olive

I will be tying an unweighted version below, if you want a little faster sink just add a bead head.

Wrap thread down the length of the hook and tie in two goose biots to either side of the hook to form the tail
Add bronze wire and wrap tightly to the last quarter of the hook before the eye.
Tie in peacock hearl to just behind the eye of the hook, leaving space for the dubbing to be tied in.
Make a 2 inch dubbing loop using a small pinch of AZ dubbing in olive. (please excuse the messy tying desk)
Wrap dubbing and pull fibers back away from the hook eye until the whole loop is used. Whip finish and add a drop of head cement.

Experiment with what color combo works best on your local lakes and streams, the combo above seems to do well up in northern Arizona and southern Colorado but I’m sure theres a better combo out there I have yet to find!

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