The Fly Shop

All of my flies are tied at my home in Flagstaff, AZ and are flies I have used and tested across the state. If you don’t see the fly you want or have some of your favorites you would like me to make but aren’t on this page please let me know and I would love to see if I can make some for you! Most flies on this page have some wiggle room and if you’d like to change up some colors of beads, dubbing, thread or wire I’d be happy to work with you! Please contact me if you have any questions or want anymore info or pictures of my flies. I tie most flies on barbless or crimped hooks, if you want them otherwise please let me know.


Flash-Back Hares Ear — #10-16

A flashy version of the classic


Ferry Monster Midge — #16-22

Zebra midge with a flashy wing, any color thread, bead, wire, wing combos available.


Soft “Hackle” Stone-Caddis — #10-16

Caddis, mayfly or stone this fly seems to not really look like anything but sneaks in there as close enough to a lot of bugs, can do just about any body, bead, dubbing color combos you’d like just let me know!


AZ Mini Simi #12-16

Simi seal leech tied a bit smaller


Frenchies — #10-16

Euro nymph on a jigged hook



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